Aerial Sensing & Data Analytics

We provide environmental aerial monitoring services including research and mission planning, data management, modeling and analysis.
Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS; i.e. drones) technology is moving fast. Applications are many, and regulations are complicated and changing just as fast. We navigate regulations, collect aerial data, perform analyses and provide data solutions.
We can help you plan your project. Our academic backgrounds provide us with key research and logistics expertise.
We have cutting-edge UAVs and instruments to gather high quality imagery. From high resolution optical imaging and infra-red to multispectral, we can gather informative imagery from those hard-to-get-to places, efficiently and cost-effectively.
We have decades of collective experience in spatial data analysis and interpretation. We offer aerial mapping, 3D modeling, image analysis, integration with GIS, AI, and custom analysis solutions for environmental, geological, industrial, and specialty fields.



We are Transport Canada Certified pilots, and we adhere to Transport Canada requirements for commercial operation of UAVs.



We have over 20 years of collective experience flying UAVs safely and effectively.


Customer Focused

Providing high quality aerial solutions is our number one priority.

Our partners

  • Quest University Canada
  • Indro Robotics
  • Ledcor Group
  • BC Ministry of Transportation & Infrastructure