Aerial data collection

  • Regulatory Frameworks
  • Research Planning
  • Mission Planning
  • Safety Protocols
  • Selection of sensors (Optical, InfraRed, Multispectral)
  • Data Management
  • GIS

Data processing and analysis

  • Orthomosaics
  • 3D Modeling
  • Hydrologic analysis (slope, watershed)
  • Vegetation health
  • Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Pattern Recognition
  • Biodiversity assessments
  • Wildlife detection

Cutting edge research

We collaborate with academic and industrial researchers to scale up data collection, action the latest research, and to ask and answer novel questions:
  • BVLOS Aerial Data Collection
  • Method Development for Data Analysis
  • Squamish Estuary Mapping Project
  • Mt Meager Fumarole Project


We provide custom training programs tailored to the objectives of the participants. We have experience teaching introductory courses on UAV flight operations and also offer high-end mapping and data analysis training. A typical training consists of a combination of classroom sessions and hands-on flight instructions and will take you through the whole workflow from flight planning to data analysis. Our training programs are tuned to specific demands may consist of the following elements:
  • Flight operations & Mission Planning
  • Flight Training
  • Technical skills: UAV technology, sensors, positioning
  • Scientific Research Practices
  • Environmental monitoring, Wildlife detection, Vegetation mapping
  • Data Analysis, Photogrammetry, GIS